PANORAMA SIBIU offers insight into a period of artistic reflection and creation by the photographer in a life setting that contains all his subjects. The artist's lifeworld is a city, a continuum of becoming and passing, whose abrupt processes of change, controlled growth spurts and hidden life energies sometimes show great upheavals and painful ruptures. One dimension of the exhibition is that of a pictorial chronicle of the city: the topographically wide-ranging imaging of the city and its "bios" in a manageable period of time, the persistent registration of the latent and active breaking points and changes. The comprehensive depiction of the city, which directs the view to very specific moments of development, phases of upheaval, breaking points and localised events, gives the exhibition the character of a city topography. The city is depicted with its own life, its metabolism. It has resources, needs and values, is a place of blessing and hardship, of failure. The city as a place of common life, survival and experience, the city that gives the individual an additional chance through the community.

Text: Heidrun König

Periferie Cartierul Arhitecţilor Doamna Stanca Selimbăr Cartier Selimbăr Dumbrava, Cimitirul, Tropinii Noi Valea Aurie, Tilişca Cartierul Iosefin Arsenal Hipodrom I, III, III, IV BMX artlabs CT3 Suburbia Cisnădiei, C. Dumbrăvii Strand I II Turnișor Ţiglari, Tineretului, Veteranilor Suburbia Turnului Independenţa Suburbia Ocnei, Teresian Zona Industrială Vest Zona Industrială Est Vasile Aaron, Broscărie Guşteriţa Suburbia Elisabeta, Lazaret Simerom Trei Stejari Oraşul de Sus – Piaţa Mică & Piaţa Mare Oraşul de Sus – Cartiere, Fortificaţii Oraşul de Jos – Strada Turnului Oraşul de Jos – Strada Ocnei Piaţa Huet  
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